Real friends talk about personal challenges & successes, played by Spaniel Pup-pets >>> Videos:

  1. TO BE OR NOT  Suicide Ideas vs. Life Options
  2. LIKE YOUR FATHER  Rage View vs. Anger Control
  3. CAN’T GET UP?  Losing vs. Using Most popular
  4. TIRED, YET AWAKE  Relaxing and Sleeping
  5. WHAT TO SAY   Real Self-Confidence   
  6. HOLDING BACK  Fear vs. Self-Esteem
  7. REALLY WANT  Life and Other Games
  8. LOVE LUCK?    Dating vs. Relating Part 1 Popular
  9. LOVE LUCK?   Dating vs. Relating Part 2
  10. WHAT WAS IT?  Focusing and Memory
  11. AWESOME EMPATHY  Fixing vs. Listening Newest

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